Rental Property Locksmith in Truckee, N. Lake Tahoe, Incline Village, West Shore, Donner Summit, and Surrounding Areas

Easy Transitions

Changing the key codes or locks between renters can be a hassle. And if a renter loses a key, changing the locks can make the transition between renters even more time-consuming.
Our wireless key access can allow you to change the key code for your rental property remotely so that you can relax and make the transition between renters smooth and hassle-free.
And if a key gets lost, you can count on our lightning-fast service to install a new lock so that your next renter can move in as soon as possible.

Safe Communities

Keeping your rental property safe can help both you and your renters feel at ease. Whether you are renting an apartment or a vacation cabin, having the right locks can make a difference.
Our professional locksmiths are there to ensure the safety of your renters and your property and ensure that you have the best locks for your property’s needs. They can install or repair gates and other restricted access and door locks so that you and your renters can relax and live worry free.

Everything You Need

We have a broad selection of lock and door services, so whether you need a gate or a new deadbolt in your property’s door, we have what you need to keep your property secure.

Relax With Your Rental

With our professional, friendly locksmiths, you can relax knowing that your rental properties are in good hands.
If you have questions about our rental property services or if you would like a free estimate for a service for your property, contact us today.

Need help?

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